• 100,000 Views on Pixiv!

    Our free copy of Book 1 on Pixiv has reached 100,000 views!

    Thanks to everyone who read and shared Crystal Hunters Book 1 on pixiv in Japanese, Spanish or English. You’ve helped the Crystal Hunters story move from obscurity into something with potential.

    And an extra-special thanks to those of you who are subscribed to our updates. We’re really grateful you take the time to give us a closer look and share our adventures with us as they happen.

  • Linked at Smith College & Kansas University!

    We found out this morning that a link to the Crystal Hunters website has been added to the Japanese language study supplementary resource list found on the Smith College Libraries website for Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. ✨🇺🇸✨

    Smith College is a private liberal arts women’s college. Thanks so much ladies! Glad we can help out! See our link listed here.

    This is on top of being linked first at Kansas University in their online Japanese General Studies Guide here.

    Thanks to all these universities who have included us among their resources!

  • A Brilliant Amazon Review!

    We woke up to this review for Japanese Book 2 this morning. It’s great to know we’re having such a positive effect on people. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to review and share our work out there on the web. The voice of the fans is always greater than the authors’ when it comes to sharing the value of a work with others, so thanks for being awesome!

  • Book 2 is Here!

    Hi Everyone!

    We are pleased to announce Crystal Hunters Book 2 is finally finished and up for sale on Amazon in Japanese, natural Japanese, and easy English! We hope you enjoy our latest work! And don’t forget to download the free Japanese guide for Book 2 to go with it!

  • Our First Fan Art!

    When something you make inspires thoughtful praise from someone else, it’s remarkable. When something you make inspires art from an artist–a gift of skill–it’s astonishing. It’s with this progression in mind that we present our very first piece of fan art:

    Zachary Kolbe, whose artwork you can see here, found our team’s manga on Reddit and was so taken with our work that he humbled us by sending us this piece of Bansom working on his second mechanical arm from Chapter 2. Bansom is the heart of our team of characters, and seeing him working alone in the light of his workshop through another artist’s eyes is soul-touching.

    Thanks, Zachary. We will always remember and talk about the day we got your work. You are awesome! ✨💎✨

  • #1 in the USA!

    Hi everyone!

    We are THRILLED to report Crystal Hunters is now the #1 and #2 best selling item on Amazon in the USA for Comics & Manga in Japanese!

    We are so humbled to be helping so many people learn Japanese! Check out the picture below!

    One of our goals is to make exciting Japanese manga swiftly accessible to learners of Japanese, and it looks like we’re succeeding on that front. Thanks to everyone who made this awesomeness possible!

  • Easy and Natural Spanish Versions Launched!

    Hi Everyone!

    We’re thrilled to announce the first three chapters of Crystal Hunters are now available to read for free on pixiv in easy Spanish and natural Spanish. A HUGE thank you to our translators William David Zamora and Jorge Luis Vidal for making this possible!

    You can learn Spanish to read the easy version of the Spanish manga by downloading our free guide here. You can read the easy version on pixiv here, and the natural version on pixiv here. If you prefer to read the books offline, you can buy them here.


  • Included in Bff Tokyo Guide!

    Hi Everyone!

    Here’s something cool!

    Have you ever heard of Bff Tokyo? Along with some additional Japanese learning resources, they have super-comprehensive Japanese learning and reading guides, the author of which passed the N1 JLPT test! 

    Well, we’re pleased to announce they have included Crystal Hunters in their reading guide as a reading resource for true beginners! That’s awesome! You can check out everything Bff Tokyo has at the hyperlinks above including their link to us!


  • #1 IN THE UK!

    Crystal Hunters is the #1 selling item in TWO categories on Amazon in the UK!

    • Best Seller in Language, Linguistics, & Writing in Japanese
    • Best Seller in Comics & Manga in Japanese

    We are so happy to be helping so many people learn Japanese! Check out the pictures below!

    Thanks to everyone who has bought our books and helped make this possible!

  • 50,000 VIEWS ON PIXIV!!!

    Between the three versions of our manga, we’ve reached 50,000 views! Wow! What a crazy ride this has been so far!

    Although we originally made the manga for students in Japan learning English, it’s been the easy Japanese version that’s really taken off. It’s gotten 32,000+ views since we released it less than two months ago, and the guide to learn to read the Japanese version from zero has also been downloaded 16,000+ times!

    We’re really happy that we’ve been helping so many people learn languages, and here’s to hoping that we can help many more in the future too!

  • Crystal Hunters now on ComiXology!

    The English, Japanese, and Natural Japanese versions of Crystal Hunters chapters 1-3 have launched on ComiXology. We hope you’ll stop by and pick up copies at the button links below

    On a personal note, it’s nice to have our work sitting on the same digital shelves as some of the greatest fictional characters of all time.



    We’re pleased to announce the first three chapters of Crystal Hunters are now on sale on Amazon as an ebook in Easy Japanese, Natural Japanese, and English.

    You can also type “Crystal Hunters” into the search bar on the Amazon page for your country. Happy reading everyone!

  • Natural Japanese Version LAUNCHED!!!

    Hi Everyone!

    We’re pleased to announce the first three chapters of Crystal Hunters are now available to read for free on pixiv in Natural Japanese! More Kanji! More Katakana! And no furigana! You can read it on pixiv here.

  • Guía de Japonés en Español: Capítulos 1-3

    The Japanese Guide for Chapters 1-3 has been translated into Spanish!
    Guía de Japonés en Español: Capítulos 1-3

    A HUGE thanks to our Spanish translators William David Zamora and Jorge Luis Vidal for doing all the hard work!

  • Our Patreon Page is Live!

    Crystal Hunters finally has a Patreon page!

    Please help us continue to make Crystal Hunters by becoming one of our patrons. We’re also giving behind the scenes access! We’re releasing our chapter scripts and the first and final drafts of our chapter sketches. You will also get a peek into the manga publishing industry, and learn about the history of our manga. We hope to see you there!

  • 25,000 Views on Pixiv!

    Our manga has a total of 25,000 views on Pixiv!

    Thanks everyone!


    We’re releasing the first three chapters of the Japanese version of our manga today!! You can read it, its guide, and the English version below. Enjoy!

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