FAQ / Contact

When are you going to release the next chapter?

We are going to release Book 5 in Spring 2022. We will update as soon as we know a more specific date.

What is the difference between the normal versions and the natural versions of Crystal Hunters?

The normal versions are written in the easiest possible language. The first books are written in under 90 words and have very limited grammar forms. From there, they gradually level up the difficulty at a pace of around 20 words (and a couple new grammar rules) per book to gradually level you up. The natural version is in natural language and doesn’t have a word cap, but is still easier than most things in natural language due to the easiness of the story. It’s a good stepping stone into more advanced content.

How do I get a hard copy of Crystal Hunters?

Amazon has just recently enabled Japanese for its print-on-demand service. We are looking into what we need to do to make this work for us in the next few months.

How do I contact your team?

If you need to contact us for any reason, drop us a line at crystalhuntersmanga@gmail.com