Crystal Hunters is something that happened because we wanted to have more fun learning languages. Too much of language learning focuses on cramming vocabulary and grammar, and almost none of it focuses on enjoying the language you’ve already learned. So why not learn new things in your target language and then immediately see them used in an epic tale of monsters and magic? We wanted a world with something like this in it, so we’re making it happen.

The Authors:

Sean Anderson
Private high school teacher living in Chigasaki, Japan. Loves teaching. Loves literature. Loves anime and manga. Loves comics. Loves unicorns.

Nate French
University teacher in Tokyo, Japan. Self-described story addict, will consume stories in any medium, including: manga, anime, books, games, TV shows, and movies.

The Artist:

Pro manga artist. Currently drawing both manga and illustrations here and there. Loves cats more than 3 meals per day. Watches anime on a big TV in a small room. Suzumiya Haruka is Best Girl.